We empower mothers with the confidence to build strong faithful families and raise virtuous children. Our weekly conversations address real concerns that mothers have as they navigate this world seeking answers to life’s difficult questions. Our curriculum is divided into 3 semesters that lead moms to discover peace, hope and joy in a community of like minded women.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions
Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Being a Confident Mom

  1. How can I conquer my fears around my children?

  2. Why do relationships matter?

  3. Can I really be happy?

  4. What should be my true north?

  5. Why do bad things happen?

  6. How can I have courage in tough situations?

  7. What do I do when I mess up?

  8. How can I have real peace?

  9. What do I do when others hurt me?

  10. How do I change my attitude?

  11. How do I handle loneliness and isolation?

Building a Strong Family

  1. What makes a strong family foundation?

  2. How should we set our priorities?

  3. Am I a Mary or a Martha?

  4. How do I deal with Mom pressures?

  5. Can we ever be satisfied?

  6. How do we deal with anxiety in our home?

  7. How can we have 20/20 spiritual vision?

  8. How do we balance family time, including screen time?

  9. What should my family value?

  10. How can we be peacemakers?

  11. What should be the vibe of our home?

  12. What does unified parenting look like?

  13. Making my strong family plan

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Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions
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Raising Virtuous Children

Coming soon!​